New non-profit organization to advance scientific research in mental illness and addiction.

The scientific study of mental illness and addiction is still in its infancy, which is probably why there are still so many unlicensed treatment centers, and so few laws to regulate behavioral health treatment services.

An important new non-profit organization has recently been established to help advance biomedical research and scientific initiatives in mental illness and addiction treatment.

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Message from Loving Mind Institute:

64,000 opioid deaths per year
45,000 suicides per year.

Every LIFE, every LIGHT matters. 
#endaddiction #endstigma #WeCare


The Loving Mind Institute – https://www.LovingMindInstitute.org

Please donate $5.00 via the website (if you are able). This research is extremely important in putting an end to the unregulated treatment industry by discovering legitimate, science-based treatment for addictions or other mental health problems. It’s vital to lowering the numbers of suicides and addiction-related deaths that take place every year.

Federal Government Investigations


Synanon, Inc(1958, Santa Monica, California)

Seed, Inc.  (1970, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Straight, Inc. (1976, St. Petersburg, Florida)

L.I.F.E., Inc. (1980, Sarasota, Florida)

Kids Helping Kids (1981, Hebron, Kentucky)

Possibilities Unlimited, Inc. (1983, Lexington, KY)

KIDS Centers of America, Inc(1984, Hackensack, New Jersey)

Growing Together, Inc. (1984, Lake Worth, Florida)

STEP, Inc. (1986, Tampa, Florida)

Pathways Family Centers (Detroit, Michigan)

Phoenix Institute for Adolescents (Marietta, Georgia)

SAFE, Inc. (Orlando, Florida)

AARC (Calgary, Alberta in Canada)

Other Programs of the “Troubled Teen Industry” to follow.