Federal Government Investigations


Synanon, Inc(1958, Santa Monica, California)

Seed, Inc.  (1970, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Straight, Inc. (1976, St. Petersburg, Florida)

L.I.F.E., Inc. (1980, Sarasota, Florida)

Kids Helping Kids (1981, Hebron, Kentucky)

Possibilities Unlimited, Inc. (1983, Lexington, KY)

KIDS Centers of America, Inc(1984, Hackensack, New Jersey)

Growing Together, Inc. (1984, Lake Worth, Florida)

STEP, Inc. (1986, Tampa, Florida)

Pathways Family Centers (Detroit, Michigan)

Phoenix Institute for Adolescents (Marietta, Georgia)

SAFE, Inc. (Orlando, Florida)

AARC (Calgary, Alberta in Canada)

Other Programs of the “Troubled Teen Industry” to follow at a later date