1. This is very good information for anyone doing research on Straight, Inc. and I would like to point something out about the verbatim responses from the investigative report. Number 10 under the client section says “Five (5) clients felt that they had been verbally abused, the remainders did not so feel.”

    While it is important to report the information as documented by Florida HRS, we should also acknowledge that children from abusive homes would not know the proper definition of “verbal abuse”. Their family life was already verbally abusive, so verbal abuse would seem “normal” to them. It is a phenomenon we are understanding much better today than would have been the case in 1978 when these interviews were conducted.

    I also want to thank you for posting this information as it is invaluable to anyone wanting to research Straight, Inc.

  2. Great point, James!

    I happen to agree with you. I was surprised that even five of the clients recognized the verbal abuse for what it was, especially in 1978. Of course, I suppose investigators could have provided an explanation for them, there are no details on the exact exchanges that took place between investigators and clients.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Thanks for commenting.

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