1. They fuckin KNEW this was as about as fucked up as it gets from Day ONE!!! Check out Phillip Zimbardo’s study called the Stanford Prison Experiment. They had proof that attack therapy does not work. They found that over 20% of the people in the study were permanently traumatized by this very short experiment. We are talking no longer then a week or two.


  2. Here is a really good Documentary on the The Stanford Prison Experiment

  3. Yes, Rich. Zimbardo is the foremost expert today on the social psychology of these types of operations. We humans are so much more susceptible to being influenced by group situations than we want to acknowledge or believe.

    It would benefit all freedom-loving Americans to become familiar with one of the most underestimated and under-utilized psychological sciences currently in existence. By under-utilized, I mean one to which we, citizens, don’t pay enough attention, but should in order to remain free in our society.

    Human are much more predictable (especially in groups) than we prefer to acknowledge.

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