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2017 Update on Shane Absalon

Update on Shane Absalon’s Murder Conviction Appeal.

In July of 2016, I was contacted by Jim Drummond, attorney for Shane Absalon, regarding the appeal of a murder conviction.

I wrote some of what I learned from Mr. Drummond about Shane Absalon’s case in a previous blog post called, A 1986 confession in Straight, Inc., leads a murder conviction in 2012.

A quick summary of the case is as follows:

Shane Absalon was court ordered to the Dallas-Ft.Worth Straight, Inc. as a condition of probation for a charge of criminal mischief in July of 1986. During his time at Straight, Shane was coerced by staff to admit responsibility for a murder commited in 1984, even though the police had eliminated him as a suspect.

23 years later, in 2009, after seeing a news report about the cold case, others who sat in Straight, Inc. with Shane, including his oldcomer, decided to come forward to report they heard him confess to the murder in a group confrontation.

There were very few clients in Straight who weren’t coerced to confess to things they didn’t do in the interest of appearing to “get honest,”  by admitting to all the supposed awful things they did before the program, in hopes of someday getting out of that program/hell-hole. 

Photo by Lori Rutherford This is Shane & Ryley, his daughter, in 2009, about 9 months before his arrest.


I recently heard from Mr. Drummond. He thanked for supporting Shane but regretted to report that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has denied the state habeas corpus application for a new trial.

In turn, I would like to thank all of my readers who responded to Mr. Drummond’s request for affidavits about the coercive forces that were prevalent in the Straight, Inc. program.

Straight, Inc. is still tearing families apart in 2017. Above is a photo of Shane with his daughter Ryley in 2009, about nine months before his arrest. Shane had put his Straight, Inc. experience behind him and began to live a normal life. He was gainfully employed, married and had started a family when he was “reported” by his fellow Straightlings one final time.

For more information about Shane and how to contact him see this blog post: Time to spread holiday cheer.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Thanks Kathy. He is taking it pretty hard but he has a deep faith . I keep praying for a miracle

    • I sure hope there is more that can be done to persue his freedom. It amazes me how far reaching Straight, Inc.’s arms are and how it’s still wreaking havoc today. I will also continue to hold out hope for a small miracle of justice to come Shane’s way.

    • From Lori Rutherford, I am asking my family and friends to help me spread some Christmas cheer again this year. My friend, Shane, has several friends in the prison where he is who never get mail. If you have an extra Christmas card or two would you mind picking one or more of the following and sending a funny, cheery, or spiritual card to them. They are:
      Ryland Shane Absalon, 1812762,
      John Richard Perez, 1690592,
      Terry Wilkerson, 1539842
      Kenneth Carr, 1460293,
      Thomas Lucas, 1747345,
      Michael Nadeau, 1752733,
      Justin Curbow, 1989221,
      Artie Bieliche, 2053670
      All are at 810 FM 2821, Huntsville, TX 77349
      You can add a note or blessing if you wish.

  2. Pam Williams Pam Williams

    You forgot the most important part!!! Shane Absalon murdered a beautiful innocent young girl!!! Shane stabbed her to death in her own apartment!!! Shane Absalon should have received the death penalty and should definitely be locked up for the rest of his SORRY life!!!!

  3. Project Straight Ink Project Straight Ink

    Pam, If he did murder her, I agree that he should be locked up for life. What evidence do you have that proves he did this? All I have heard is some fairly compelling evidence that he may have been wrongfully convicted.

    I’m very curious as to what has you convinced that he is guilty as I have only heard slanted stories both ways (no real evidence).

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