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It’s more important now than ever to be able to recognize and distinguish the difference between credible, evidence-based information and misleading or deceptive information, especially when it concerns our emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being.


The goal of this site is to offer information and encourage discussion on how to navigate through all of the overwhelming information we face daily.


Thinking straight about our well-being includes becoming familiar with the following topics covered on our blog:

  • Aspects of reliable, scientific data versus less credible information.
  • How to determine the difference between evidence-based information versus inaccurate or deceptive information.
  • Consequences of taking information at face value, and individual stories showing how some have suffered and overcome the effects of these critical mistakes.
  • Anyone is susceptible to believing misleading or fraudulent claims regardless of the extent of our experiences or education, so we offer hints about how to avoid falling into this trap

On our blog, we provide examples of the above and more.

  • Many of these concepts will be illustrated by using true stories from a real business, Straight Inc., that passed itself off as a premier therapeutic facility and even managed to obtain endorsements of presidents and top addiction physicians, despite having no scientific evidence to support its methods. It also received widespread condemnation from former clients and government officials, along with several adverse course judgments.
  • We discuss what to expect and how to cope if you or a loved one has experienced poor results stemming from misleading claims and we offer ways to assess alternatives.

Please include your thoughts and opinions or questions in the comments section of posts to stimulate discussion about the topics. As we discuss the issues, we all begin to make better decisions about our families’ and our own well-being.


Should you decide to become a member of this website, you will have free access to our e-Library which contains historical and current information about various organizations that have participated in perpetuating misleading information, and the unfortunate results that followed. We will continue to stock the e-library with a variety of media until we have all of our documents, videos and more stored in electronic format in the online library.

Our information media will provide information and examples of the problem and how it presents itself, why this happens and how even the smartest people can fall prey to believing non-evidence based information, how to avoid making costly mistakes and how to recover if you have been affected by misleading information. By making this information available, we hope that fewer people will make the same mistakes that have already been made by so many, and will drive organizations to be more forthright or transparent when making claims or offering services without scientific evidence to back up their claims. The ultimate goal would be to create a zero demand for non-evidenced backed information or services.

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About Kathy Moya

Since 2000, Kathy Moya has written a variety of online and in-print articles, interviews, newsletters and web content. She has also created and designed several websites. Kathy has spoken at conferences about the consequences of non-evidence supported health care and how to become an informed consumer of health care services. Her website about writing, design, and wellness is at KathyMoya.com

Project Straight Ink Resources

Project Straight Ink promotes discussion of critical thinking about health care information available to the public through popular media. You will also find links related news and resources from around the world on this website.

Kathy is working on a non-fiction book which explores the dangers of getting help from non-evidenced based services and shows readers why and how to avoid mistaking non-evidence based health and wellness services for scientifically supported health care services.

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