1. My anniversary is around Easter. I remember the date I ran away, and I was put into a TTF (not Straight) a week later. I remember asking to get a Cadbury egg on the way to what I thought was a doctor visit
    and being told that we were running late but could stop and get one on the way back. Well, of course, there was no way back, not for over a year, and Cadbury eggs were out of season when I did get out.

    For many years after that, I bought myself a Cadbury egg, even though I decided they weren’t very good. It was a way of celebrating that I had control over my own life. I haven’t felt the need to do that in a while, but I do sometimes have a hard time around Easter. Maybe, I should start, again.

  2. My day of intake to Straight Inc was January 21st 1978.

    I begin getting froggy around Janissary 1st, intruding thoughts, nightmares, anxiety, defensiveness and hyper-vigilance slowly increase. Then by the 21st, I it tends to be anti-climactic as I tend to go emotionally numb. And the following 6-8 weeks….there is a generalized funk, an emotional hangover. So yeah, for well over a month, I am effected by a date.

    1. Author

      Sounds like PTSD. Is there anything you do to help you deal with the PTSD?

  3. What a great insight! I don’t remember the exact date of my intake. It was different for me because my family had been in the Seed for years. So it wasn’t an abrupt beginning of anything; it wasn’t even a surprise.

    But I do have similar reactions to every anniversary one can imagine. Every birthday, every holiday every commemorative date that we observe is about reeling in past anniversaries. And, for me, every one is tainted by memories of that day as “celebrated” in the program and of all of the missing family in the 40 years since my family became a Seed family.

    So I do my best to really avoid celebrating or observing anything on those days when others are so involved in their untainted observance. The important ones, like family birthdays, Mothers’ Day and so forth, I use my divorced status as cover to have our own little shindig with my close friends and kids on another day, maybe the week after or so.

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