1. Oh my god, Kathy! That is a horrible story that I already knew a little. So beautifully told. So beautifully told!

  2. Tears flowing as I read , remembering more of what I buried deep inside. The endless mind games they forced on us to play out on each other . We were truly alone each of us to ourselves, no love, no hope, no trust , nothing but empty shells, child robots playing one against the other , alone

    1. Author

      Yes! Exactly! The mind games were pretty rough, especially for adolescents trying to establish their identities, as if going through normal adolescence wasn’t tough enough. It was a weird time. I’m always glad to hear from another survivor not all of us were that lucky. Thanks for commenting Lori.

  3. Kathy I remember when that happened. I know when folks were in group they could make themselves cry on demand. That day the tears in my eyes were real. Sorry to say that that event was why I never forgot you all those years. Thank you for all you are doing.

  4. I remember this very well, Kathy. And then you DID indeed get into trouble after the funeral. It was a never ending fear being in that place and wondering if your whole “program” would be “started over” because of nothing you did, but from a simple look from a staff member in the line or saying something…anything that someone questioned.

    1. Author

      Yes, so much was based on the whims of other kid-staff members in the program. It was certainly a ‘Lord of the Flies’ kind of atmosphere. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Kim

  5. “I finally assimilated to this tiny alternative society that was within but separate from the larger “normal” community outside of the warehouse walls.”

    God Damn, Kathy! Just God Damn!

    Thank you, Rich, for the timely bump. Now I gots some reading to do before my daily stroll. Did I tell ya’ll that I’m a happy as hell house frau again? Dog is good all the time!

  6. So sorry you went through this!!! I can’t even imagine how you must have felt. I hate the way that place was. Again sorry 😐

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