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Synanon (& spinoffs)


OPENED:  June 1958
LOCATION: Santa Monica, California
FOUNDER: Chuck Dederich
CREDENTIALS: 45-year-old former alcoholic, member of  A.A., former public relations and sales promotion executive. (See: Addict, Alcoholic Find Hope in Synanon’s ‘Hostile House’)


1960-02-25 narcotics documentary-marked-highlighted

1960-04-01 Urge Passports to Control Border Narcotics Traffic

1960-05-23 Judge Claims Scientific Application Deters Dope

1961-03-31 Benefit Jazz Fete Will Be Performed for Synanon House

1961-04-08 Delay Hearing on Narcotics Rest Home

1961-04-15 Home For Addicts to Keep Operating

1961-04-16 College Club Plans Talk on Synanon

1961-04-30 Members of SynanonTalks to Rotarians

1961-05-09 Synanon Director Invited to Speak at Rotary Meeting

1961-05-18 Addicts Self-Help House Gets Boost

1961-05-25 Synanon Group Speakers Due at Kiwanis Meeting

dec 1 1963 Synanon Cure for Addicts Moves to San Francisco

1964-01-26 Home For Addicts Fosters Self-Aid

1964-03-09 State Giving Narcotics to Addicts in Test

1964-08-30 Pelham Bay Tries to Curb Addiction

1964-09-18 A New Film Actor Starts as a Star

1964-09-27 Wynn Still Has Vaudeville Spirit

1964-11-06 City for Addicts and Criminals Planned by Rehabilitation Unit

1964-11-08 Hollywood Locates Fit Settings for Addictions

1964-12-25 Death of Bill Bendix Ends Suit About Health

1964-12-30 Addict Group Opens Office in E 78th St

1965-01-19 Owner Files Suit on Synanon Office

1965-02-14 Synanon Forced to Restrict Aid

1965-02-28 The Life of a Junkie

1965-04-12 Narcotics Center Faces Opposition

1965-05-03 Synanon Rep

1965-05-06 Screen Synanon opens at the capitol

1965-05-09 Of Addicts and Angels

1965-05-09 Where Junkies Learn to Hang Tough

1965-05-12 Synanon Movie

1965-05-13 Synanon Asks for Faith

1965-05-23 Letter from Synonite

1965-07-30 Synanon Turns Down City Help-Fears control

1965-11-21 We Ask the Wrong Questions About Crime

1965-11-23 Narcotics Traffic Up In Connecticut

1965-12-08 Westport Demands Ouster of Synanon

1965-12-09 Synanon Will Open East Coast Quarters To Assist Addicts

1966-01-26 Synanons Center in Westport Ruled a Zoning Violator

1966-02-13 Court Stands by Ban on Mansion for Addicts

1966-02-26 Priest Suspended After Union Bid

1966-03-02 Dubay is Welcomed to Synanon House

1966-04-05 Center for Addicts in Westport Closes

1966-04-10 A Visit to Narco

1966-05-29 Synanon to Help NonAddicts Here

1966-07-27 City Starts Narcotics Plan to Turn Tide of Addiction

1966-08-16 City Program Finds Methadone Curbs Need for Heroin

1966-10-06 Memorial Services (Contributions to Synanon House)

1966-12-11 Ours is the Addicted Society. (2)

1967-03-11 Synanon Starts Addicts Center

1967-08-06 Cool Talk About Hot Drugs

1967-08-23 Actor Says Talks With Ex-Addicts Helped Him Salvage His Marriage

1967-08-27 Letters

1967-09-10 Outsiders Play Synanons Games to East Their Own Problems

1967-10-08 Coast Group Spearheads a Movement Seeking Clue to Human Feelings

1967-10-15 Methadone–Fighting Fire with Fire

1967-10-22 Narcotics Scored as Escaped Device

1967-11-12 Letters

1968-02-04 600 Addicts Aided by Ex-Users in City Program






1969-11-28  ‘Synanon’ No Opponents (first in a series)

1970-03-04-phoenix-center costs-and-space












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