1. LOL! If you look at it a certain way, your 2nd question on to the last answer the first. It was a shady operation at best and couldn’t count on support from anyone outside of their own brainwashed following.

    And I have another question. When did the LEAA funding come in? I always thought it was right at the start.

    1. Author

      According to a program evaluation of Straight, Inc. specifically regarding the L.E.A.A (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) Start-up Grant (Dated Feb., 27, 1978 – March 2, 1978) by Jack Sarmanian, A.C.S.W., Straight, Inc. received a one-year start-up grant from L.E.A.A. commencing originally on Dec. 1, 1976 through the time period of November 30, 1977. However due to administrative delays the grant was initiated in May of 1977 to April 30, 1978. (I will post more on this in the future).

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