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Springfield, VA

Springfield, Virginia (Greater Washington, DC Metro area)

Original Director: Mel Riddile

1982-01-27 Drug Abuse in the American School System


1981-11-19 How One Family Handled Drug Abuse -The Winchester Star  (Source: The Winchester Start, Page: 19)


1982 Background Info on Straight Inc. and Establishment of a Branch in Washington D.C. Area

1982, May: Deadlier than Heroine. Source: Reader’s Digest Reprint

1982-05-24: Congressional Record: Hon. Frank R. Wolf: Straight Inc./Robert L. DuPont, M.D.  Drugs and Kids: New Hope  (Source:  Page: )

1982-06-17: Parents’ Almanac: Kids & Drugs  (Source: The Washington Post Page: )

1982-07-14: ‘Straight’ Drug Cure Program Headed Here  (Source:  Page: )

1982- 07-14: Parents at odds  (Source: The Washington Post,  Page: VA13 )

1982-08-15: The Child on Drugs: Lock Him In or Lock Him Out? (Source: Washington Post  Page: )

1982 -08-23: The Child on Drugs. (also a blurb in the section: Personalities)

1982-09-14: Straight Inc. Drug Treatment Unit Wins Approval of Fairfax Board (Source: Washington Post, Page: C3)

1982-09-15: Fairfax OKs Drug Abuse Program (Source: The Fairfax Journal  Page: )

1982-09-21: Three Cheers.  (Source: The Fairfax Journal  Page: B1)

1982-11-16: Teenage Problems. (Source: The Frederick Post, Page: A6)

1982-12 Straight Newsletter – Springfield VA

1982-12-16 Riddile doc re copouts and those 18 years and older


1983: Let’s Get Our Kids Off Drugs by Nancy Reagan. (Source: The Lady’s Home Journal)

1983-01-17: Speaking of your health. (Source: The Valley Independent, Page: 15)

1983-02 Straight Newsletter – Springfield VA

1983-04 Straight Newsletter – Springfield VA

1983-05-26 Program Policies (Memo to Staff from Mel Riddile)

1983-05-30: When Treatment Becomes Coercion (Source: The Washington Post, Page: A17)

1983-06 Straight Newsletter – Springfield VA

1983-06-11: Bitter Victory: He won suit against anti-drug program, but family still finds him guilty. (Source: Syracuse Post Standard  Page: A-2)

1983-08-04: 16-year-old tells Rotary he found ‘new and better life’ in Straight  (Source: THE NEWS, Frederick, MD  Page: A-10)

1983-08-08: Teen-ager tells Rotarians about his past life in the world of drugs. (Source: THE POST  Page: )

1983-08-23: Straight Talk, (Source: THE POST, Frederick, MD Page: B4)

1983-09-16: Drug Rehabilitation (Source: THE NEWS, Frederick, MD Page: C12)

1983-11 Straight Newsletter – Springfield VA

1983-11-23: Foleys to speak at health seminar  (Source: THE POST, Frederick, MD  Page: B-2)


1985-11-12: Nancy, Diana Visit Va. Drug Treatment Center. (Source: Tyrone Daily Herald,Page: 2)

1985-11-12: From here to maternity at Penney’s. (Source: Syracuse Herald-Journal, Page: A8)


1990-01-19: Straight Inc. Family Service Center (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: A-2)

1990-01-21: Celebrate Straight, Inc. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: D7)

1990-02-18: Annapolis group has been Straight for one full year. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: D7)

1990-03-26 – Intent-to-deny-applications-for-renewal-VA

1990-05-03: Drug Program Speakers. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: )

1990-07-19: Drug Testing Reconsidered.  (Source: THE NEWS Page: A10)


1991-07-01: Flashback: LSD winning new converts. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page:  A1)

1991-08-04: Straight Inc moves to Maryland. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: A4)

1991-09-17: State near accord with anti-drug group. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: A4)

1991-09-18: Drug program back in business. (Source: The Frederick Post  Page: B4)

1991-12-31: Regulators question drug treatment site. (Source: THE CAPITAL  Page: A4)


1992-01-02: Straight regulators scrutinize Straight Inc. (Source: THE NEWS  Page: B1)


‘Straight’ drug program called not controversial (Source: The Journal, Page: )

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