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St. Petersburg, Florida (Headquarters)

September 1976-April 1993

Final Address: 3001 Gandy Blvd. Pinellas Park, FL 34290-1577

Straight, Inc. was housed in four different buildings in the St. Petersburg area before Mel Sembler erected the Straight, Inc. building on Gandy Blvd. in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Anderson Building

The Rahall Building

The Milton Roy Building

The Morgan Yacht Building

The Straight, Inc. Building



1976 -04-22 Straight Articles of Incorporation

1976-07-27 New Drug Program Set for Sept 1 (Source: The Evening Independent, Page: 14A)

1976-07-28 “Drug Program Will Treat Youths”  (Source: St. Petersburg Times, Page: 4B)

1976-08-12 “Straight Inc. Renews The Fight To Separate Teens From Drugs”  (Source: St. Petersburg Times, Page 8B)

1976-10-15 “Straight Inc” (Source: The Evening Independent, Page: 19A)


1978-02 -BOD-Founders-Officers-Founders_Combine (

1978-02 Straight-Rap-Schedule_Combine (

1978-LEAA-Samarian-Report-Evaluation-of-Straight-Inc_Combine   (

1978-Stevenson-Letters-Complaint-about-Straight-and-resulting-investigation-page1  (

1978-05-04 -Project-Straight-SPECIAL-MONITORING-REPORT-by-FL    (

1978-05-08 Hartz-Letter-re-StPete-Times-report-leak (

1978-Shuman-Incident-First-7step-Refresher (


1981-01-22 Submission of insurance claims

1981-1982 Out-of-town-parents


Examination-of-Straight-Inc-by-Andrew-Malcolm-to-Drug-Tsar-Carlton-Turner-1982 (

1982 Straight talk about kids – Program brochure

1982-02-16 Getting Straight (Source: The Washington Post, Pages: B1, B11)

1982-02-15 First lady visits drug centers (Source: Gazette, Pages: 26)

1982-02-16 First Lady Talks With Drug Users (Source: Tyrone Daily Herald, Page: 8)

1982-02-16 Permissiveness is over says first lady  (Source: The Gettysburg Times, Page: 2)

1982-02-16-Reagan Laments Drug Abuse Effect (Source: Waterloo Courier, Page: A11)

1982-02-18 – Nancy Reagan steps up her anti-drug crusade (Source: The Stars and Stripes,  Page: 6)

1982-04 My Child Was a Walking Chemical. Source: Reader’s Digest

1982-05-03 Americans Face Up to Drug Problem -at home, on job,  in school. (Source: The Christian Science Monitor)

1982-06 Straight Inc. Newsletter – St Pete

1982-07 Straight Newsletter – St Pete

1982-07-14: Parents at Odds Over Straight (Source: The Washington Post. Page: VA 14)

1982-07-21 Memorandum to All Straight Parents re Civic Club Presentation

1982-07-23  Miller Newton letter to HRS

1982-07-26 Inside Straight. (Source: The Evening Independent. Page: Section B)

1982-08-19 Client Consequences Guidelines

1982-08 Straight Newsletter – St. Pete

1982-09 Straight Newsletter – St. Pete

1982 – Friendship letters (Joseph Stemm)

1982 RSC – Rational Self Counseling docs  (Joseph Stemm)

1982 MI notebooks (Joseph Stemm)

1982-03-14 a chain of command request  (Joseph Stemm)

1982 doc – Dear Friend (Joseph Stemm)

1982 Song – our mom   (Joseph Stemm)

1982 New parent packet

1982 Parents Handout 1 – Feeling Words

1982 Parents Handout 2-1 – Drug Use (Chemical Dependency) is a Disease of the Feelings

1982 Parents Handout 3- The Phases

1982 Parents Handout 5- Chemically Dependent Family

1982 Parents Handout 7 – Moral Inventory Guide

1982 Parents Handout 9 – Sample Moral Inventory

1982 – St Petersburg FL Straight thrift shop fundraiser

1982 The Straight Song Book for parents

undated newsletter addressed to Carlton Turner – Office of policy development-circa 1982


1983 and1986 Straight Letters to Nancy Reagan  (


1984-01-26-60 minutes parent letter (

1984-08-02 to 1984-10-01 Management Letters


1985-03-18 Congressional Hearing – alcohol abuse and its implications for families (Straight Inc.)

Undated Epidemic-No10-Straight-newsletter circa 1985 (


1986-04-24 Director Steve Knowles Letter to Richard Bradbury


1988-12-08 Shopping-Network-Telethon-plans-taped-segment-by-Vice-President-Bush  (SurvivingStraightInc.)


1989-01 National Geographic- A Gloves-Off Treatment Program

1989-06-20 Florida Protective Services System -Lawrence LT

1989-11-06 Florida Straight Insurance Policies


1990-Florida-St. Petersburg-Straight-Occupational-license

1990 Straight Inc Board of Directors

1990-11-01 Florida Straight HQ credit application redacted

1990-11-02 non-profit Straight HQ Florida (Travel Inc) Executives

1990-12-13 Straight Inc Timothy Kelleher VP-Operations Client Insurance Memo



1991-10-14 Florida Straight HQ document Partee case 91-10861k

1991-10-28 Florida Straight VALIC annuity contract payment for Straight employees

1991-12-06 Straight Inc. Marketing doc from Straight HQ to Orlando

1991-12-18 Florida Straight HQ from American Embassy Madrid to Bernadine Braithwaite


1992-02-07 & 08 – Florida-St.-Petersburg-Straight-Affidavit(s)-(Ryan)

1992-02-10 Florida Straight (Contract) Claycomb 02-10-1992_redacted

1992-02-28 Straight Inc Newsletter

1992-03-04 Florida-St.Petersburg-Straight-Affidavit-of-(David)

1992-04-17 Florida St. Petersburg Straight statement of Barbara Segraves (Parent)

1991-12-9 Florida-Texas (St. Petersburg) Straight Affidavit Allison Clute_redacted

FBI Investigation – circa 1992-1996














Being a Foster Parent is Great

Bingo Fundraiser

Categories of feelings


Confidentiality Document – Undated

Confidentiality doc for Parents – Undated

Facts about alcohol

Financial Commitment to Straight program

Florida Straight HQ Organizational Chart (later years) – Undated 

Florida Straight Helen Gowanny DONATIONS – Undated

Florida Straight Loebenberg $50,000 loan to Straight



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