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September, 1982 Straight Talk Newsletter

September 1982 St. Petersburg Florida Straight Newsletter Highlights:

Heroine of the month: Single Straight Parent, Barbara,

An Open Letter from:  A 7 Stepper Parent,

New Fundraiser: A Straight Cookbook for Christmas,

Newspaper Clippings (propaganda): 

  • Drug Program to Open Facility In Washington;
  • Marijuana plants dying after being sprayed with paraquat;
  • President Reagan Declares Battle Against Drugs.

Take a look inside the September 1982 Straight Talk Newsletter Below:

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”1982-09 Straight Talk Newsletter001_redacted”]

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Investigation: 1978 Straight, Inc. Investigation Report Review

1978 Straight, Inc. Investigation Report Review.

Once the formal Straight, Inc. Investigation report was written on January 11, 1978, a letter written by Harry W. Moffet to Robert R. Furlough, Ph.D summed up the investigation and expressed concerns about releasing the report to the State Attorney’s office without a subpoena. He had questions of both federal and state laws regarding confidentiality for drug clients.

Moffett had met with District Administrator, Bob Marshall, the members of the Licensing Review Committee and the task force who had been investigating Project Straight, Inc.  They had decided to issue a ninety-day interim license to Project Straight and because of the serious allegations made to the investigators, the District Administrator was considering turning his full report over to the State Attorney’s office. Moffett suggested Marshall consider having the State Attorney’s office subpoena the report rather than just giving it to him without it.

Moffett also noted that the project was funded by LEAA* and local contributions and that there was no general revenue funding involved.

On January 13, 1978 this letter was updated regarding the Project Straight report. Jim Holley, District Mental Health Specialist called Moffett and indicated that Bob Marshall, District Administrator, and Barbara McPherson, Attorney, met with a staff member from the State Attorney’s office in St. Petersburg. The State Attorney’s office issued a subpoena and the entire report had been turned over to the State Attorney’s office.  He added that Mr. Marshall had indicated to his entire staff that this information was confidential, and the fact that he had turned it over to the State Attorney’s office was not to be released to anyone.

*The LEAA – Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (according to Wikipedia) was a U.S. federal agency within the U.S. Dept. of Justice. It administered federal funding to state and local law enforcement agencies and funded educational programs, research, state planning agencies, and local crime initiatives. It was created in 1968 and officially dismantled in 1981.

The link below is the copy of the letter from Moffett to Furlough

January 12 & 13, 1978 — Letter regarding meeting the possibility of the District Administrator turning over his full report to the State’s Attorney’s Office (.pdf)

The additional links below are the investigation reports as they were released from Florida with an FOIA request.

January 11, 1978 — Rough report and interview notes (.pdf)
(Updated 4/7/2016: replaced copy that had my notes all over it with a clean copy of this report.)

January 11, 1978 — Formal Straight, Inc. Investigative Report (.pdf)
My next post will be a recap of Straight, Inc. in the news from it’s incorporation on April 22, 1976 through January 13, 1978. This will be followed by some personal interviews/stories of those who were there during these early years of Straight, Inc.

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